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You are probably expecting to read that I was passionate about cooking my entire life. Absolutely not ! Quite the opposite, actually.

Many cultures assume that a women should know how to cook for her family - that somehow we are born with that skill. Unfortunately no - it is rather an acquired skill that I had no interest in acquiring while growing up. The reason for that is that I never adhered to the idea that women belong in the kitchen or had to know how to cook to be worthy of the women title. I was against learning how to cook for this reason for a very long time. I felt it would not add any value to my life since it was an obligation rather than a choice.

You might be asking yourself, how and why the hell did I decide to start a culinary blog :) here is how it all begun ...

During Covid-19 confinement in Dubai, I was living alone and struggled to eat several cuisines I used to enjoy so much at restaurants. So I decided to educate myself online and to push myself to cook everyday.
To make sure I get all the basic skills I also enrolled in a professional course in international cuisine & pastry. I enjoyed this experience so much and learned so much about my new capabilities that I started actually loving to go into the kitchen. Cooking and designing recipes soon turned into a passion and a choice..

Here are some things cooking has brought in my life: 

  • I feel a sense of relaxation and equanimity when I am cooking

  • I can utilize my creativity front and center when I design my recipes or when I plate a dish

  • I cook with confidence and I feel better organized

  • Most importantly, I take ownership of my lifestyle and I eat healthier because I know what goes into my food

Right now, cooking for me is a gift and a talent I would encourage everyone to explore. Women can excel at everything they put their minds into, be it at the kitchen, climbing Mount Everest, raising a family and/or leading a Fortune 500 company.
If you are a foodie like me, you will enjoy this blog. I plan to take you through my culinary journey and to share with you healthy recipes from international cuisines for your everyday meals and for your special occasions. Some recipes will be created by me, and others will be created by other chefs that I look up to. ​

I dedicate my blog to all the rogue foodies, for those who love to explore and experiment in the culinary world from simple & easy dishes to complex Michelin star rated dishes.  

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